Empfänger Universität Greifswald, Studierendensekretariat
Kreditinstitut Deutsche Kreditbank AG
IBAN DE80 1203 0000 1020 1618 55
Betrag 98,00 € (87,00 € für Doktorand*innen)
Verwendungszweck [Matrikelnummer], [Name], SoSe2023
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Re-registration deadline for the SoSe 2023

The re-registration deadline for the following semester (SoSe 2023) runs until Friday, February 10, 2023. Please note that the semester fee must be credited to the university's account by February 10 (remember the bank terms!).
If you want to continue your studies in Greifswald, you only have to transfer the semester fee and the fee for the re-registration in the total amount of 98,00 EUR for the students and 87,00 EUR for the PhD students.

The easiest way to transfer the money is to use the Girocode! Simply open the bank app, start the transfer process, call up the function "GiroCode/QR-Code" (variations in the different banking apps are possible) and enter your matriculation number (you will find it on your student ID) + name.

Further information can be found at: uni-greifswald.de/studium/rueckmeldung/

⚠️Hinweis for MNF doctoral students: For re-registration from the 9th semester onwards, a certificate from the person supervising the student must be submitted confirming that the supervisory relationship is continuing.