Aims of the Department of Biology

Our aims are further improvements of our teaching activities by offering students courses and lecture series covering the classical aspects of all biological disciplines and also state-of-the-art contents, in theory as well as in practical terms. We strive to release our students with broad and in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills which enable them to thrive in academic research as well as in applied disciplines during their further careers. We try to increase opportunities for our students to obtain the Dr. rer. nat. degree within individual and structured promotion programs.

Further aims are improvements in our research activities by

  • appointing scientists who have shown their ability to conduct excellent research projects,
  • supporting formation of research cooperations between partners within the department and beyond,
  • teaching our students in biologcal topics at the edge of current research,
  • improving on our extra-curricular activities (summer schools, graduate meetings etc.),
  • keeping laboratories and research equipment in good condition,
  • and improving on our facilities in general.