Numbers and Facts

The annual number of successful candidates completing their bachelor- or master theses as well as the number of scientists who complete qualification programs (promotion to Dr. rer. nat. or habilitation) as well as the annual funds obtained from external research funding sources have stabilized at high values during recent years.

We use such key numbers to allot a portion of the annual budget obtained from the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to especially successful working groups within the Department of Biology.

Student Numbers in Bachelor- and Master Courses

(just students with the indicated majors in the respective winter semesters)

Biology 289301362270262252256267263
Human Biology 154163186184184170194205215
Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation 174187231208214229264265251

Numbers of Successful Examinations

Bachelor 41550477148
Promotions to Dr. rer. nat.182318156161881220