M.Sc. Biodiversity and Ecology

M.Sc. Biodiversity and Ecology

  • Degree: Master of Science (M. Sc.)
  • Start of study courses: Winter- and Summer term
  • Tuition fee: None
  • Regular number of terms: 4
  • Teaching load: 120 credit points (ECTS)
  • Course languages: German and English
  • Admission requirements: B.Sc. in 'Biology', 'Landscape Ecology', 'Environmental Sciences’ or related degrees. For release-requests please contact the examination board.
  • Admission: Local admission protocol based on B.Sc. grades; deadlines for applications are the 15th of July (winter term) and the 15th of January (summer term)
  • Field of study: Natural sciences, life sciences
  • Advanced study opportunities: PhD
Special Features
  • Free choice of modules according to personal interests, only 3 mandatory modules
  • Optimal supervision owing to small study groups
  • Early integration in research activities
  • Broad spectrum of methods
  • Stays abroad can be easily integrated into the M.Sc. course

The M.Sc. ‘Biodiversity and Ecology’ is a professional qualification course that has been accredited by the ASIIN. It entails four teaching terms with a total of 120 ECTS credit points. The master course is open for all students holding a qualified B.Sc. degree in biological sciences (e.g. biology, landscape ecology, environmental sciences).

The master course will equip the students with the skills necessary to take over skilled positions in science and research. The necessary theoretical and practical expert knowledge will be mediated in modules covering the fields of ecology, biodiversity research, evolution, morphology, conservation biology, reproductive biology, behaviour, microbial biology and physiology. We place special emphasis on methods and conceptual thinking as a prerequisite for carrying out research independently.

Contact for further information

Prof. Dr. Steffen Harzsch

Zoologisches Institut und Museum

Soldmannstraße 23
17489 Greifswald

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 420-4124